III. Development of environment friendly agricultural production systems

This objective is tackled in two complementary ways. On one hand, a disciplinary approach is applied to the aspects related to soil and water from a sustainable management viewpoint. On the other hand, a multidisciplinary approach is applied to crops of the greatest interest in our geographical zone for the development of technologies, adapted to our agroclimatic conditions and according to environmental friendly practices leading to optimal and sustainable agricultural productivity. The specific objectives are:

III. a.  Optimization of soil use, characterization, degradation and conservation.

The middle Ebro River Valley is one of the areas more prone to desertification in Europe, due to the prevailing soil, climatic and vegetation characteristics. In this physiographic context, any anthropic impact can trigger important environmental problems directly affecting the soil as a non-renewable resource. Therefore, the improvement of agronomical practices to obtain effective soil protection against several degradation processes is an issue of major economic and environmental interest.

III. b.  Optimization of water use in irrigated agriculture.

The management of water resources in irrigated agriculture presents serious deficiencies in Spain, particularly in the Ebro River Valley. In this context, our aim is to develop the technological support necessary to avoid these deficiencies and to optimise the use of such scarce and strategic resource. We aim to develop and transfer technologies to improve the economic and environmental competitiveness of farmers.

III. c.  Development of Technologies for the Main Crops of our Environment.

The agriculture of the future requires a strong technology component, basically aimed to improve economic efficiency and quality through the adoption of environmentally friendly practices. To this end, it is necessary to develop and transfer to the agricultural sector better agronomic practices and technological packages in order to increase both the environmental and economic competitiveness of our farmers.