Breeding, Selection and Characterization of Fruit Species

Research Leader: María Ángeles Moreno Sánchez
Post-Graduates: Pierre Mignard
Technicians: Rosa Giménez Soro
External Personnel: María Lobato Gómez, Alex E. Salazar González

PhD Theses
Industrial property



Breeding of fruit trees species (familia Rosaceae): i) breeding of rootstocks and cultivars well adapted to the Mediterranean growing conditions; ii) development of multidisciplinary techniques for application in breeding; and iii) conservation of genetic resources in fruit species.


  1. Breeding, selection and conservation of genetic resources from the Rosaceae family (Prunus and Malus). Breeding and selection of Prunus rootstocks and peach cultivars with good organoleptic properties and well adapted to the Mediterranean fruit growing areas. 

  2. Development and application of physiological, biochemical, and molecular techniques for the selection and characterization of plant material well adapted to the Mediterranean area and to genotyping traditional genetic resources of the genus Prunus and Malus

  3. Identification of genomic regions related to fruit quality traits in peach [Prunus persica (L.) Batsch] and abiotic stresses in Prunus rootstocks. Genetic analysis and genome wide association in peach and Prunus rootstocks.