Soil Management and Global Change

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The group’s activity is mainly focused on studying the relationships between agricultural management practices and global change processes in Mediterranean agroecosystems. This activity is carried out in close collaboration with the “Integrated Systems for Extensive Agricultural Production in Mediterranean Zones” group, of the University of Lleida, which is currently recognized as an Associated Unit to the CSIC through our group.



Objective 1

Assessment of the capability of mediterranean agricultural systems to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions (GHG)

  1.1. Measurement and quantification of GHG emissions from soils as affected by different agricultural practices.

  1.2. Investigation of abiotic and biotic factors affecting GHG emissions and determination of spatial and temporal emission patterns.

  1.3. Modelling and dynamics of C and N cycles in Mediterranean agroecosystems at different scales (plot, landscape, regional, national).

  1.4. Development of tools for simulating GHG emissions at regional-national scale adapted to our conditions.


Objective 2

Assessment of the soil erosion footprint (environmental and economic) in rain-fed Mediterranean agro-ecosystems:

   2.1. Evaluation of the environmental and economic cost of water, soil and nutrient loss in vineyards, olive and cereal fields.

   2.2. Modelling hydrological connectivity and soil redistribution dynamics under different land uses and practices.