Enrique Playán Jubillar
Profesor de Investigación del CSIC
Personal Investigador de Plantilla
Riegos, Agronomía y Medio Ambiente

Estación Experimental de Aula Dei (CSIC)
Av. Montañana 1.005
50059 - Zaragoza (Spain)

Despacho: 0.10
Tel: 976716087

Información General
Propiedad industrial


Alternative Address (not suited for courier):      

  • P.O. Box 13034
  • 50080 Zaragoza, Spain

Additional Email aliases:

Current position:

  • Research Professor, CSIC


  • Agricultural Engineer. Politechnical U. of Cataluña, Lérida, Spain, 1988.
  • PhD in Agricultural and Irrigation Engineering, Utah State University, Logan, UT, USA, 1992

Scientific Specialization:

  • Irrigation engineering.
  • Design, management and evaluation of on-farm irrigation systems.
  • Computer aided management of irrigation systems.
  • Water users associations, analysis, performance and modeling
  • (UNESCO: 3102.05)

Scientific accomplishments:

Research Management:

  • Scientific Officer (Detached National Expert), Direction of International Cooperation, Direction General of Research and Technological Development, European Commission. (2003-2005). Responsible for RTD projects related to water management in developing countries
  • Manager and Deputy Manager of the Agricultural and Forestry Area of the National R&D Plan, Ministry of Science and Innovation, Government of Spain (2006 to 2011).
  • Coordinator of the European Joint Programming Initiative “Water Challenges for a Changing World” (2010 to 2014).
  • Scientific Coordinator of Agrarian Sciences, CSIC (2014-2017)

Participation in International Committees

  • President of the committee CEN/TC334 “Irrigation Techniques”. CEN, European Normalization Committee. 2008 to present.
  • Member of the committee ISO/TC23/SC18 “Irrigation and Drainage Equipment”. ISO, International Standardization Office. 2008 to present.

Academic Activities:

  • Instructor of over a hundred Phd, MSc, short and continuous education courses in Universities, International Irrigation Institutions and farmers’ organizations (USA, Italy, Serbia, Turkey, Lebanon, Spain).